Our trip to Prague – 19.10.

On 19th October we had a beautiful and amazing school trip with our class, class 7.A. and the teachers. We went to the capital of the Czech Republic: Prague. Our trip started at the main station in Mladá Boleslav at 7 o´clock. In Prague we arrived at half past eight and then we went by underground and by tram. We went to the National Technical Museum on Letná. It was really big. We put our things to the cloakroom and waited for a moment. Then the teacher told us the instructions. They divided us into boys and girls. The boys had time off to check the museum and the girls had the first workshop about household. We got some tablets and on these tablets we answered some questions about the exhibition. It was nice. We worked in pairs or small groups. The boys had the second workshop in the transport section. We saw some planes, cars, motorbikes, bikes, boats, engines and balloons. In the time off we went to the exhibitions about astronomy, printing and other interesting rooms. Sight-seeing finished at 12 o´clock. We took our things, took some pictures and went to the tram stop.
We walked to Charles Bridge, where we saw many artists drawing some portraits. We walked through the old city. On the Old Time Square there were some artists colored in gold or silver performing the cheap tricks. We went by St. Vitus Cathedral, Bethlehem Chapel and stopped at McDonald´s and in a market, where the Trdelníks with ice cream are made. Then we went to the shopping center Palladium, where we were for one hour. The most girls shopped at Lush. On the way to the main railway station we stopped at the toyshop Hamleys. It was really expensive there, but we enjoyed the attractions. We returned from the trip at 6 o´clock. We really enjoyed this trip and would like to repeat it again.
Text napsali žáci 7.A společně.

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